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About Zander Labs

Zander Labs is a deep-tech company (scale-up) with offices in the Netherlands and Germany. Having invented the concept of passive brain-computer interfaces (pBCI), our focus is on developing and using neuroadaptive technology to revolutionize both human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence.

This idea of directly connecting the human mind to technology allows us to realize our mission: to make machine interaction more human and to create AIs that work better, are more personal, and that we can understand and trust.

We have recently won a 30 MM EUR, 4-year R&D tender for our project "Neuroadaptivity for Autonomous Systems (NAFAS)", and are looking to expand our team with several key roles.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and empowering environment as we believe that a diverse workforce is key to bringing out the best in teams.

We also actively encourage applications from female candidates as we look forward to bringing more perspectives to our team.

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Open positions


EEG Laborant
  • Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Finance Controller (part-time)
On-site, Hybrid
  • Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Marketing Expert
  • Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Office Manager
  • Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

About Neuroadaptivity for Autonomous Systems (NAFAS)

Neuroadaptivity for Autonomous Systems (NAFAS) is an endeavor funded by the German Agency for Innovation in Cybersecurity GmbH (Cyber Agency) that seeks to revolutionize human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence through neuroadaptive technology.

The project’s main goal is to develop neurotechnological prototypes to simplify communication between humans and partially autonomous systems, and to enable artificial intelligence to directly learn from the human brain to adopt skills and understand human values.

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